Visceral, Neural and Vascular techniques.

From Barral Institute. J.P. Barral has developed very precise techniques and a way of understanding of what is needed for the optimal performance of the joints, tendons, and muscles.  It is based on the knowledge of anatomy, and a set of skills for evaluation and treatment. Very gentle and effective way to finally resolve chronic pains. 

What conditions is Rolfing® helpful with?​

Stress, trauma, car accidents, whiplashes, chronic pain, pain aggravated with certain movement or activity, headaches, head traumas, rehabilitation after traumatic incidents.

Rolfing® has deep roots connecting it to osteopathy, chiropractic, and physical therapy work. Fascia is the organ that connects it all.  From your toes to the membranes of your brain the connection is alive and functional, keeping you upright in a gravity force. Therefore our sessions will be focused on what's needed most to regain healthy dynamics in your physical body.

I am looking forward to helping you to deepen the appreciation for the self-healing tendencies of a living body. Body knows best, always strives to have the best performance and keeps all the records on the experiences you've had. 

Please expect cooperation and participation within your session. It is not a relaxing massage where you would be able to fall asleep during your session. 

Assessments and movement education will be offered as well.

Prices and Cancellations Policy.

My sessions are $175 for 75 min. and $350 for the initial session. The initial session will run for 1.5 hours during which you will experience a range of manual touch that
I can offer depending on your body's needs. Evaluation will be made and we will discuss the course of your treatment.

Please be gracious and cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Most times I will do my best to re-schedule even on short notice, but to protect my time I have to charge 100% for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance. 

The most recognized model for Rolfing® is a ten sessions package. The recommended minimum is a three sessions series. The reason behind it is that we work in a particular sequence which has shown the most progressive results for the clients.

Gravity Resource Rolfing

What to expect?

Depending on your initial evaluation we will look at the most efficient way to unwind your body from various experiences which negatively affected your health. The first session is a general and mobility assessment which will include visceral, neural and vascular work. Depending on your complaints there will be structural, movement and visceral sessions combined.

BEMER is a supplemental Physical Vascular Therapy Unit, that is designed for everyday home use. I became a distributor because of my own healing journey has greatly benefited and progressed with the daily use of the B. Mat, B. Belt, B. Light, and the B. Spot attachments. My personal testimony is after 3 months of use I experience increased energy, vitality, deeper and better sleep, and as a result, I feel like my quality of life is 100% better. I feel younger and stronger in my body, enjoy mental clarity and sharper cognitive capacity which I recall having 20 years ago. I started using Bemer in September 2018.

If you would wish a demo, you can ask me during your session and I will be happy to share. "In office" session will be offered at a $40-60 rate, depending on a duration of a session. 

If you would like to rent a Bemer Pro Unit for a duration of time, I can arrange that for you for a fee of $200 per week and a $6000 security deposit. Contract required.

If you would rather bring Bemer into your life and explore the full benefits of increased blood circulation, go to  to purchase one. There is a 30-day return policy with a 10% restocking fee.