Sometimes I have people looking for miracles, but in the end, it is YOU, ultimately who makes the change happen. 

Coming into a full understanding that my clients are getting falsely cued about the expectations, I wanted to write up this piece and to set correct expectations about the treatments of Rolfing.

Many of my clients come to me as a last resort and the last therapy hope before diving into medically invasive procedures. The second category of my clients are those who already experienced the surgical or drug intervention and are seeking for a resolution of a problem that either never went away (a disappointment after surgery didn’t deliver the expected results) or the problem has occurred on top off the seemingly resolved problem. 

I have a couple of guidelines which were in fact given to me by my clients that handled coming through successfully. When it was my recovery time I went with the same strategy and got the successful result.

The first one is PATIENCE. I received a gift when my client voiced something I’ve been thinking for years. Here it is. How long did it take your body to manifest this pain? For every year that you have been ignoring your body, there will be a month for recovery. 24 years = 24 months.

The second one is DILIGENCE. Another client of mine said his golden formula to success is to continue coming to therapy sessions. He said that whatever I do I will always remember that the only way I get better or feel the same is to put time and money into my own health. "I have only one body.” another client said.

The third one is IMPLEMENTATION. If you are trying to untie the knot of a highest complexity you would probably resort not only to one skill but to many. I would strongly advise using all the therapies in conjunction. 

Nutrition, hydration, supplementation, manual therapy, exercise, pulse-electro-magnetic therapy (BEMER), relaxation/meditation (stress management), sleep. I do not necessarily recommend scheduling acupuncture, Rolfing and a physical therapy session in one week though. I will write about it later.

The biggest point here is that the road to health is long, tedious at times, requires learning about your body, nourishing your body and investing not only the money but also the effort on your side of the fence. The good thing is it pays off, and you keep your cognitive function and physical ability in 
the best shape possible for many years to come.

I encourage my clients to look at their body pain as a MESSAGE BOARD where some SIGNS are written on BIG RED letters while others are in black or blue ink. Still there, maybe not as visible, but they would not go away without proper attention. And also, nobody ever taught you how to read this board, so most of the messages on it are the ones that are too confusing and hard to understand.

So many times I see people giving up after the letters in red have disappeared or are hard to erase. But for the average 
person, the journey takes about 80-120 sessions to keep the change and plus all the time invested in “homework”.

What is my part? I do try to re-connect and interpret the pieces of a puzzle that I observe while we are in session. I am not a mechanic for your engine, that you drop off and pick up 60 minutes later, but I work with you to expand your knowledge and elevate your consciousness in handling your own engine and “fix” it a step at a time. 

Here comes the punch line. It takes time to heal. It takes persistence. It takes certain energy input and strategy to remember to do it all.

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